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this image comes from dermalights.fr website.

Dermalights.fr is a dropshipping website registered in Switzerland which has a registered trademark at the INPI. This shop sells a single cosmetic product sold as a miracle product, DermaV. It’s funny, all dropshipping websites have miracle solutions for everything.
DermaV is a slimming mask for oval face, supposed to fight against double chin, firm the skin and make the jaw square. Sold at 49.99€ instead of 79.99€.

Dermalights targets a predominantly French clientele, at least French-speaking as a whole. The product is therefore mainly sold in France. All cosmetic/paramedical products sold in France must go through the approval of the ANSM (the national agency for the safety of medicines and health products). As you can imagine, DermaV is absolutely not present in the ANSM’s registers, so contrary to what is published on their website, this mask does not comply with national standards.
This obviously calls into question the long work of research and testing that their « team » would have done to develop this product. It is obvious that months of research and testing to finally not certify their final product is absurd. And How can a product be « recommended by beauticians » if it doesn’t even exist in the national registers?

this image comes from dermalights.fr website.

You can also see from the image above that the development of the product and its sale dates from February 2018. But on the internet it is easy to know the date of creation of a website. Dermalights.fr was created in April 2019, another lie and it is not the last one.

Now let’s look at the origin and the prices of the product, which are, as is often the case, when it is a product sold by a dropshipping site, not representative of reality or even surreal. They proclaim themselves as an alternative solution to surgical operations of up to 30,000€. Rather daring sales argument.
The product is still expensive for so little fabric. One could say that there is a certain quality that explains the price of this mask. Unfortunately it is not.
As you may suspect, the slimming mask is actually an AliExpress product sold between 0.50€ and 2€ for a resale on the Dermalights website at 50€. I invite you to do the math, it represents quite a margin.

You have below an explicit comparison of the hidden defect of this website.

these images come from the websites Dermalights.fr and AliExpress.com

Will you tell me how come they’re selling?

 Dermalights uses a strategy of manipulation that is common in dropshippers: Use of false promotion, stock lies, brand content, fake timer.

All its strategies do not comply with the consumer code of the French Republic, in particular article L-121-1 to 6.

They would have paid to see an article about them appear in Gala magazine to attract potential buyers and improve their socialproof (reputation).

They also use a marketing strategy related to influencers who have a fairly young community that are falling for it.

Dermalight doesn’t stop there and falsifies their customer reviews. The real reviews are actually AliExpress reviews as you can see on this comparison.

these images come from the websites Dermalights.fr and AliExpress.com

In terms of quality the product is worth the price that is advertised on AliExpress, i.e. no more than 2€ because it would cause ear pain when wearing the mask and would not have the miraculous effects so long awaited.

Dermalights obviously do not give any importance to its customers, and does not care about the effectiveness of the product as long as it sells. Their after-sales service is not up to the customers’ expectations. The bad reviews being filtered and not published on the shop Dermalights.fr many bad reviews appear on the net.
As you can see on the image on the right.


Finally, they bring up the subject of exchange rates and dollar/euro conversions many times in their FAQ section, even though the vast majority of their consumers are French. This highlights the fact that the product is not a mask created from scratch by the Dermalight brand and that it is actually a 50-cent mask sold in dollars on the AliExpress platform.

Trustscore : D

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