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It is first of all thanks to the work of research and investigation carried out in collaboration with DBSF that this article is possible so thank you to him!

So who’s Kim Glow?

Sophie Laune, known as Kim Glow, is a 34-year-old influence. After revealing herself in the show Les Marseillais on W9, she continued her career on Reality TV by participating in the show Les Anges on NRJ12. Since then, however, Sophie aka Kim has been on the decline.

Kim has been at the heart of several controversies in recent years. Between many product placements or inappropriate comments, we will enter Kim’s universe with you and we will see why she is an influencer to avoid!

Screenshot from Mirac Cosmetic's instagram

First of all, you should know that Kim owns several dropshipping sites with her current boyfriend, who DBSF has denounced through several Threads.
Let’s start with http://mirac-cosmetics.com where Kim used the image of a UK personality to promote her site. This personality never agreed to it! The fraudulent use of a personality’s image makes the person liable to heavy penal sanctions.

Screenshot from Hollygshore's instagram

This site was later replaced by http://royala.fr where Kim sells hair products. Alas for her, all cosmetic type products must pass the ANSM and a DIP file validation. However, after verification we can affirm that no dossier has been made and that therefore, this product does not meet in any case the European standards in terms of cosmetics.

Screenshot from Royala's official website.

In addition, she sells on this site a product to make your breasts bigger… When you know that she has abused cosmetic surgery, you wonder why she just didn’t use this product? Could it be because it’s totally ineffective and because she’s afraid to use it because of where it comes from? Without a doubt. Because despite the clear packaging, these products come straight from the site you all know… AliExpress. With the help of an agent, she solicits the latter to supply the product, changes the design of the box and takes care of sending it to the customer.

Screenshot from AliExpress

Thanks to the work of DBSF, we were able to collect this snapshot of Kim, who dares to say that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton use Royala brand products. This is obviously totally false. And the use of the image of these two great ladies is totally illegal. It is misleading advertising inciting consumption, which means that Kim could face serious criminal sanctions if the Duchesses wish to take her to court.

Kim then made the risky promotion of a miracle product that would have virtues against cancer. This product, based on honey and curcumin, would have multiple health benefits. She justifies this by saying that it is a product of Doctor Henri Joyeux. The same doctor who claims that hot water and sunlight can kill Covid-19 and is « anti-vaccine ». Moreover, Monsieur Joyeux has had several setbacks with the law, seeing him on the verge of being struck off the medical order. However, Kim did promote him anyway, without checking the background of this gentleman.

Thanks to DBSF  let’s also remember that in the past, Kim promoted « Voyage de fou » two years in a row (so she couldn’t pretend she didn’t know it was a scam, contrary to what she claimed in the media). A company supposed to take people on trips to paradisiacal places at unbeatable prices. However, as Haniea_Nakia reported, it was simply a scam. The company behind « Voyage de fou » was simply taking the money, the trips being just a way to steal customers.
Kim promoted it on his networks, creating many scams. Again, she had not done the necessary verification before proposing a plan to her subscribers.
She simply saw the money, made the investment, without any concern for her community, no more and no less.

Screenshot of Promofun official website.

This is not surprising, given that Kim currently continues to place borderline branded product placements. Counterfeit AirPods via LibertyPlay or PromoFun, a site owned by her and her boyfriend, where she used the image of Cristiano Ronaldo to sell electro-stimulator products to get you pumped up effortlessly. Very similar to Health Nutrition on the other hand.

Screenshot from Kim's snapchat

In the area of Strange Product Investments, Kim won first prize, she was the very first influencer to promote a… lawyer.
She also pretended to become devout and stop everything related to networks and product placement. Obviously, it was all just talk.

In conclusion, Kim has recently been controversial. After complaining about being stranded in Tunisia and crying on the networks demanding a military plane to repatriate her, she provoked many reactions on social networks. Kim then reacted to the case by gratuitously criticizing people on the minimum wage, saying that after the Covid-19 crisis, everyone was going to resume « her shitty little life » while she went to the Maldives or anywhere else in the world. Following this, Kim experienced a flurry of insults and remarks of all kinds on the networks. She then lost some major partnerships, so a travel agency as the Yahoo article says right here.

Screenshot from Kim's instagram

Kim then apologized on the networks, and used her mother’s cancer as an excuse. We prefer not to comment and let you judge this excuse for yourself.
Her words made her loathsome in the eyes of the general public, she who already had a crazy popularity rating.

In our opinion, Kim is a person blinded by money, who would do any product placement as long as it pays well. She’s totally out of touch with reality, so she’s a danger to her community, which she pays no attention to, otherwise she wouldn’t do any of the product investments she does or has done.

In conclusion, Avoid her.

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