Avoid Them : Martika (influencer)

In this new column, we wanted to focus on an influencer who is not new to dropshipping.
Indeed, after having tried to swindle her subscribers via the bertika.fr website belonging to her company MartikAcadamy where she sold AliExpress products, Martika Caringella is reoffending.
Accompanied this time by her companion Umberto Torretto, the two of them launched a new dropshipping site sterilizebox.com 

Via the video we offer you, we can see Martika doing a product placement for this brand. So far nothing new for an influencer. However she made a big mistake! She is on her Shopify manager.
Shopify is the favorite platform of dropshippers because it is the easiest to use. After spending several weeks analyzing dropshipping and everything surrounding it, we know Shopify very well. So, as you can see on the screenshot we are offering you, what is displayed at the top of Martika’s screen is simply the option set up by the Shopify platform that allows you to see the different versions of the site depending on the support (PC or Mobile).
This option, which allows you to have a global view of the site on both supports IS ACCESSIBLE ONLY FOR THE OWNERS OF THIS SITE! Nobody else has access to it.

Screenshot from Martika official Snapchat. The logo in purple is to go back to the Shopify Dashboard.
This image come from SterilizeBox official website. You can see KRAZO Corporation as owner.

This proves that Martika and his companion are indeed responsible for the site sterilizebox.com which is owned by a South African company called Krazo Corporation®. But after several searches as you can see below, there is no company of this name registered in South Africa! (Sources : eservices.cipc.co.za and info-clipper.com )

This image come from the official website of the South Africa Corporation Registry. No company as KRAZO is registred.
This image come from AliExpress.
This image come from SterilizeBox official website.

This site offers only one product, a UV Sanitizer for the price of 69,90€ instead of 89,90€. This price reduction, without a valid reason, is a violation of the consumer code.
Moreover it is a product coming directly from AliExpress. It seems that Martika has a real attachment for the Chinese platform, she has already used it at the time of bertika.fr, by selling this product she makes an incredible margin, especially since she has no advertising to pay, the advertising being itself.
The real danger here is that she points out that this product can be used to sanitize your objects and clean them from COVID-19. But this product has never been tested in a European laboratory and therefore its effectiveness is not absolutely proven. To put this forward in order to sell, at an exorbitant price, a product whose quality is questionable is simply shameful in our eyes.

It is for all these reasons that CheckStore advises you to beware of Martika Caringella and her spouse.

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