How to be 100% sure to get a refund via PayPal ?

If you have a problem with a seller and you paid via Paypal a good news there are three techniques that dishonest dropshippers don’t want you to know about to get your money back.

The first technique is if once you have received the product it doesn’t suit you or you don’t want it in this case you just have to open a Paypal dispute and explain that the product is broken or doesn’t work in this case Paypal will ask you to return the product and once the proof of the return will force the seller to reimburse you. Then obviously the negative point is that the return of the product has a cost for you in time (make a package, then go to the post office, the price of the package …). But the dropshipper to avoid having to reimburse you will maybe offer you a big discount, usually 50%. You can of course refuse and go to the end of the process in order to get your money back for sure.

Little advice: you will have to be clever and not to have sent an email explaining to the dropshipper I don’t like your product it’s junk… Otherwise he will be able to show this email to Paypal. You have to open a dispute directly via Paypal.

The second technique which is much more limited but if you have to deal with a scam you can get out of it. Many dropshippers to make even more margin on your back send your package in normal mode that is to say without tracking. So if no tracking number has been sent to you in this case wait 15 to 20 days after your order and open a Paypal dispute explaining that you never received the product. Paypal will ask the dropshipper for the tracking number of the package and if he doesn’t have one in this case you will be refunded 100% of the product. This technique obviously only works if there is no tracking number, which happens at least half the time with these unscrupulous merchant sites. We advise you not to do this if you have received the package because it is not right even though it will obviously work and you will be refunded 100%.

With these 2 techniques you are sure to win your Paypal disputes and be reimbursed.

On top of that, these disputes are considered as chargeback by PayPal.
So they can lose their PayPal account if they have too much.

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